Tel.: +977-056-493762
Tel.: +977-056-493762


+2 Classes started from 2061 B.S.


+2 Classes started from 2061 B.S.


Diploma in IT The only government school that runs diploma in IT (CTEVT) in Chitwan

Voice from the Principal

Ramsharan Duwadi

Welcome to Narayani Model Secondary School; a government school with a
district and successful culture of students learning together and supporting
and encouraging each other to do their best. Our central purpose is to
develop our students learning and wellbeing and we know the driver for
this development is our focus on continuous improvement of our teachers
and students through fostering genuine student voice. We are focused on
an amicable school environment which is absolutely necessary to provide
such education. As a temple of learning, we believe in marking our students
not only proficient for career preparation but also well-equipped to face
challenges in life head-on. I wish you all the best for your days. Thank you !

Voice from the Chairman

It is my proud privilege to warmly welcome you into the Narayani Model
Secondary School, dedicated to develop skilled students who persue their
interest and strengths students merge into the society building a strong
generations for a better world tomorrow through dynamic education. I
am proud of our long and rewarding history of achievement in education
field. I promise you for holistic development of our children in the school.
We are committed to provide vibrant learning environment in our school
want to ensure we are always looking for ways to improve. We are proud of
the opportunity to work in partnership with you and your child.

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All students can enjoy free breakfast and lunch at school.

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